Dr. Sweep Team

The team at Dr. Sweep is here to serve you with excellence and ensure your home is safe. The owner is an active part of the team as a hands-on owner. The owner conducts chimney sweeping, and repairs chimneys, fireplaces and porches, while guiding their staff and meeting with customers.

Dr. Sweep’s approximately 20-25 chimney sweeps, technicians, and masons have at least 5-10 years of experience. Some have served Dr. Sweep since its inception, and others also worked with the owner for many years prior. All technicians are fully-trained, met the qualifications, and earned the certifications via Chimney Safety Institute of America.

As Dr. Sweep enters peoples’ homes, we are careful in how we hire. We bring in people with integrity who are honest, hard-working, work with excellence, and look out for the safety of our customers. Further, we conduct background checks.