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Dr. Sweep is the premier chimney & masonry provider in Michigan. The owner has set the standard for chimney cleaning in Michigan since 2003. When it comes to preservation of value, it’s all in the details. Have you fallen out of love with your fireplace? We can help! Do you feel like you get your chimney cleaned but it’s never just right? We promise we can solve this! Dr. Sweep’s well-trained technicians use the best tools, products, and procedures to produce cleaning that satisfies and lasts.

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Protect the things in life
that you care about.
What Separates Us From The Rest?
We deliver a premium quality service and our reputation speaks for itself. We do not settle for anything other than perfection.
Dr. Sweep is one of the leading chimney sweep pioneers in the country and are at the frontline of the newest technologies emerging in the ever-so-changing chimney sweep industry.
“These guys are not just using the latest and greatest technologies, they wrote the book on chimney cleaning.”
Dr. Sweep is a family owned and operated company with a combined 36 years experience and we honor all warranties. We carry 2,000,000 in liability insurance. With Dr. Sweep you will get the highest level of service and workmanship along with a 100% satisfaction guarantee or your money back.
Who Is Dr. Sweep?
Dr. Sweep is a 100% customer orientated service company that cares about your families’ safety. We want every one of our customers to feel comfortable and ask any and all questions about their fireplace. Remember we are dealing with fire. And yes, the customer is always right.
Locally-owned and trusted chimney experts serving homeowners and their families for more than 15 years. Anticipate the highest level of service and workmanship and a home safe from fire and other hazards through our reputable company.

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