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Chimney Cleaning Inspection and Repair

At Dr. Sweep, we sweep chimneys by-hand the way it was done when chimneys were invented. We believe that newer equipment and mechanical devices actually damage chimneys, so we will clean your chimney only in effective ways that also preserve it.

Dr. Sweep handles all things chimney, making them operational and safe. We provide chimney cleaning, inspections, repairs, rebuilds and installations. Chimney repair is our specialty with over 200 years of combined experience and the highest-skilled master masons in the country. As the mortar matching masters, you will never know repair work was done.

Customers appreciate Dr. Sweep’s 26-point safety inspection, conducted after we clean your chimney. We inspect every chimney component, as any area can lead to disaster. We also evaluate areas affected by your chimney, such as your attic and rafters.

Cement Tops

The crown of the chimney can sometimes become cracked and allows water to flow into the chimney. If the cracks are extensive a new cement crown can be formed.

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Chase Cover

Chase covers are metal pans that sit on top of the chimney chase.

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Chimney Damper

Huge heat loss occurs when a chimney damper doesn’t seal properly or is missing or broken.

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Chimney De-Glazing

ACS Anti-Creo-Soot Liquid is a non-toxic and environmentally safe liquid manganese catalyst that attacks and destroys dangerous creosote and soot.

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Chimney Repair

Returning a deteriorating, unsafe chimney to full code compliance quickly and economically is what we like to do at Dr. Sweep Chimney and Masonry Services.

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Chimney Sweeping

Dr. Sweep thoroughly brushes by-hand your entire flue from top to bottom, cleans the smoke chamber and smoke shelf, brushes out your firebox, and removes remaining soot using our HEPA filter vacuums.

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Downdraft Problems

Why fireplaces work and how best to build them has been a topic of hot debate literally for centuries.

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Firebox Rebuilding

The firebox is the part of the fireplace where the wood is placed in order to make a fire.

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Flue Tile

A Clay Chimney Flue Liner is the Safest, Most Efficient Product Designed to Carry Away the Byproducts of Fireplaces and Many Gas Appliances.

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Smoke Chamber Repair

The smoke chamber is the transition area in a masonry chimney that starts just above the damper and continues to where the first flue tile is installed.

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