Chimney Services

Chimney Cleaning, Inspection, and Repair Are Our Specialty

At Dr. Sweep, we sweep chimneys by-hand the way it was done when chimneys were invented. We believe that newer equipment and mechanical devices actually damage chimneys, so we will clean your chimney only in effective ways that also preserve it.

Dr. Sweep handles all things chimney, making them operational and safe. We provide chimney cleaning, inspections, repairs, rebuilds and installations. Chimney repair is our specialty with over 200 years of combined experience and the highest-skilled master masons in the country. As the mortar matching masters, you will never know repair work was done.

Customers appreciate Dr. Sweep’s 26-point safety inspection, conducted after we clean your chimney. We inspect every chimney component, as any area can lead to disaster. We also evaluate areas affected by your chimney, such as your attic and rafters.

Our Chimney Process

Upon receiving your call, we make an appointment that honors your schedule, including evenings and weekends. Anticipate on-time arrival and respect shown to you and your home.

Once we clean your chimney, we will conduct a thorough 26-point safety inspection that indicates the parts of your chimney that are safe and unsafe. We will review the report together and provide a written estimate for needed repairs. If everything is safe, we will schedule next year’s appointment.

Chimney Sweeping/Cleaning

Dr. Sweep thoroughly brushes by-hand your entire flue from top to bottom, cleans the smoke chamber and smoke shelf, brushes out your firebox, and removes remaining soot using our Hepa filter vacuums. We guarantee excellence and no-mess left behind.

Install a Chimney Liner

Dr. Sweep installs chimney liners in thousands of homes each year. A secure lining system is vital to avoid overheating your home and to keep away carbon monoxide, moisture and smoke from leaking into your home. A State of Michigan code states that any house older than 12-years-old must have a new chimney liner. Dr. Sweep installs stainless steel chimney liners to protect chimney walls and properly exhaust combustion gases from your fireplace.

Animal Removal from Chimneys

Area homeowners find it challenging to find a company that removes animals from their chimney. Dr. Sweep conducts humane animal removal from your chimney and do not harm or kill any animals. We capture and remove them, drive them out of the area, and release them in a natural setting.

Raccoons, squirrels, rats, snakes, bees, birds, are no match for Dr. Sweep. Warm chimneys attract animals, and some even have their babies there. Chimneys offer many places to hide, thus Dr. Sweep spends the time and has the expertise and techniques to handle any animal issue. Be sure to get a chimney cap, otherwise anticipate an animal living in your chimney.

Downdraft Solutions

Dr. Sweep receives many calls about smoke in peoples’ homes, which is a common problem.
Different reasons exist as to why smoke enters a house, including energy-tight homes that do not leak air and are not drafty, your furnace takes all of the air to feed itself, and your fireplace needs air to make a fire. Your home requires ventilating, otherwise smoke enters in.

Sometimes homeowners can resolve issues themselves, rather than paying us a service fee to come out. Here are ideas/solutions (link) to avoid a smoky home. One immediate suggestion – Ventilate your room by placing bricks beneath your grate or cracking a window close-by.

Dr. Sweep is happy to provide you with the following chimney cleaning, inspections, repairs, rebuilds and installations services:

  • Chimney Cleaning

  • Chimney Inspections

  • Chimney Repairs, Rebuilds, Installations, and Teardowns

  • Block Chimney Repair/Rebuilds

  • Cultured Stone Chimneys

  • Chimney Caps Installation

  • Furnace Chimney Caps Installation

  • Crowns/Cement tops/Wash Collars Installation

  • Chase Cover/Top Pan Installation

  • Chimney Liners Installation

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