Chimney De-Glazing with ASC Liquid
ACS Anti-Creo-Soot Liquid is a non-toxic and environmentally safe liquid manganese catalyst that attacks and destroys dangerous creosote and soot.

Safe For Use With: Wood, Coal & Pellet Burning Appliances, Gas Logs


Regular use of ACS converts hazardous creosote to a harmless ash or char. It helps to reduce further deposits, making the appliance safer to operate and more efficient.


Soot from low grade or improperly burned coal is a serious pollutant. ACS can significantly reduce soot and, therefore, emissions from coal stoves.

Pellet Stoves:

ACS reduces accumulations of excess ash from wood-based pellets, and helps prevent clogging of the pellet feed mechanism.
If you burn wood you may have a hidden fire hazard in your chimney – CREOSOTE! Creosote is a black, tar-like substance caused by condensation of gases in smoke. In time it builds up, and under the right conditions, it can ignite into a dangerous chimney fire. Glazed creosote is the worst type because it is almost impossible to remove with conventional cleaning methods.
Chimney De-Glazing
CDG.100 1st Degree – 1 Application of De-glaze
CDG.200 2nd Degree – 2 Applications of De-glaze
CDG.300 3rd Degree – 3 Applications of De-glaze