Chimney Chase Covers

Why Does My Chimney Need A Chase Cover?

What is a Chase Cover?

Chase covers are metal pans that sit on top of the chimney chase. Their purpose is to shed water away from the chimney protecting the body from water penetration. Unfortunately, many chase covers are poorly designed or made of materials that develop leaks after only a few years. The “Bird Bath” effect occurs when a metal chimney chase has a low spot that collects water. Standing water causes the cover to rust prematurely, eventually destroying it.

Why You May Need A New Chase Cover:

A cross break bend on the top of a chase cover creates a dome shape to prevent snow and water from collecting on the top and eliminate sagging of the chase cover.

Chase covers are installed on top of your chimney and keep out rain, snow and pests. They fit around the top of your chimney like a shoebox cover. Many homes are built using aluminum chase covers, which rust and cause stains that run from the top of your chimney.