Smoke Chamber

The smoke chamber is the transition area in a masonry chimney that starts just above the damper and continues to where the first flue tile is installed. It serves as the support for a flue liner. Traditionally, chambers are corbelled brick or block work, starting wide at the base and narrowing down to accommodate the flue liner.
Most chamber problems occur due to improper construction behind the facial wall and in front of the chamber. The finished fireplace may look fine from both the outside and inside the chimney, but this unseen area often requires repairs to meet the current standards and
prevent a potential fire.

But now there is Smoktite! Smoktite makes it easier, faster and safer. Using our custom designed equipment; your venting professional will first clean your smoke chamber, then spray our patented ceramic formula on the smoke chamber walls, sealing and insulating it from adjacent combustibles.

Tested to 3000 degrees, Smoktite is an insulating ceramic castable refractory designed and manufactured to retrofit fireplace smoke chambers to meet the requirements of NFP A 211-2006-Chapters