Porch Repair/Rebuild Services

Dr. Sweep can repair and rebuild concrete front porch steps with brick sides. Masonry and concrete are an important element to the curb appeal to your home. Let us create a sensible repair to your homes exterior needs. We can create a new look or restore the classic look you desire.

Once issues go untreated for any length of time and a majority of the brick are compromised, your porch structure needs to be rebuilt. With any porch rebuild we keep the original design and try to use any existing brick you already have that are still in good condition. If needed, we can usually match your existing brick with brick from one of our masonry yards.

Why Porch Repair?

A nice-looking porch provides strong curb appeal and a positive first impression of your home. An older, sunken-in porch with broken and cracked concrete and bricks will age a home and be dangerous to all who use it.

Thus, you want a porch that both looks attractive and is safe for all. When homeowners seek brick/cement porch repair, they contact Dr. Sweep. We make porches aesthetically pleasing, while bringing structural integrity and safety to it.

Dr. Sweep repairs and rebuilds brick and stone porches, including removing and replacing broken bricks and cement, and repairing and installing new porch steps. We are happy to enhance your porch and make it more safe for you, your family, and visitors.