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8th of February 2019 03:26 AM Link
Is it time for a tune up? Do you logs need to be replaced or fixed? We can help with that! Keep your fireplace clean to prevent future repairs and produce exceptional performance.
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5th of February 2019 02:56 AM Link
Terrific transformation!
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31st of January 2019 05:00 PM Link
What a beautiful install done! 24" Flint Hill gas logs installed by the best!
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30th of January 2019 03:46 AM Link
It's the time of year to get those gas logs up and running. 🥶 Our technicians are ready to get your fireplace in shape! Beautiful Flint Hill gas logs installed successfully, great work guys! ✅
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28th of November 2018 05:45 PM Link
Call for your gas log install today!!
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22nd of November 2018 06:32 AM Link
Is your fireplace “Christmas” ready?? Call us today to install gas logs in your home!
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30th of October 2018 04:00 PM Link
Two beautiful gas log untis installed! 24" Flint Hill Log Set Millivolt 5- Piece Gas log Set with remote.
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17th of August 2018 07:21 PM Link
Brick repairs done by our mason's at Dr. Sweep!
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11th of August 2018 10:30 PM
6th of August 2018 04:00 PM Link
Installed chase cover for a customer in Rochester Hills!
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12th of July 2018 03:38 PM
29th of June 2018 02:44 PM Link
18th of June 2018 04:52 PM Link
Gas Log Cleaning
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18th of June 2018 04:43 PM Link
We do estimates on animal removal and clogged Flues!
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15th of May 2018 04:00 PM Link
Galvanized custom chase cover
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9th of May 2018 04:00 PM Link
Install 18" Whiskey River vent free gas logs
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1st of May 2018 04:00 PM Link
Install of (x3) 8x13 Stainless Steel Chimney Caps
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3rd of April 2018 04:00 PM Link
Install 30" Ponderosa burner and logs
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2nd of April 2018 04:00 PM Link
Installed wire mesh for chimney cap
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26th of March 2018 04:00 PM Link
Porch repair
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