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Gas Log Cleaning

Keep your fireplace attractive, warm & safe

Most manufacturers recommend having gas-burning appliances inspected annually by a professional service provider, like Dr. Sweep Inc. In some cases, failure to do so may void your warranty.

A Gas Log cleaning includes:

  • Blower Wheel: Check and clean, if necessary and accessible
  • Burners: Clean and vacuum; replace decorative substances as needed (ember material)
  • Pilot: Check and clean
  • Combustion Chamber: Clean as necessary
  • Gas Log: Check condition and clean
  • System Wiring: Check for deterioration
  • Ignition: Check and adjust to improve performance
  • Thermocouple/Powerpile: Check operation
  • Safeties: Check condition
  • Gas Valve: Test for proper operation
  • Venting: Check for integrity and proper draft
  • Thermostat/Remote: Check for proper operation
  • Main Burner Combustion: Check to assure operating safely
  • Carbon Monoxide (CO): Check for presence of unsafe levels of CO at the time the cleaning is performed.